Founded by Jeanette Moorhouse the daughter of a Master Baker – William Henry Ambrick, Jeanette was brought up as a baker.

At eighteen she studied Decoration & Flour Confectionery at Thomas Danby College, Leeds, and after a number of years in the industry she then went on to Slattery’s in Manchester to study the Art of Chocolatiering.

After completing her course at Slattery’s, Jeanette wanted to set up her own business creating unique Cakes to compliment someone’s special day.

Sourcing the finest ingredients, all locally from around West Yorkshire, Booootiful Cakes prides itself on Creating Wedding Cakes that make the cutting of the Cake as special as the day itself. Each Cake is crafted from the finest ingredients to not only look amazing but taste even better. The WOW factor is truly at the heart of Booootiful Cakes and the attention to detail must be seen to be believed.

We invite you to come visit us and by doing so we can offer you samples and inspiration to ensure that your Wedding Cake is something to be really excited about!

Tribute to My Father

dadThe rain is running down onto my face as I head towards the bakery. Dads has been up there since 4 o’clock this morning. I have not had the best nights sleep and the warmth hits me as a I strolled in to the bake house.

What time do you call this? Dad turns to face me from the hot ovens.

God I wish I was in another trade! Hours later after piping numerous éclairs and icing tray after tray of buns (CupCakes) its breakfast time.

Looking back now I see it gave me a warm feeling inside knowing all that hard work paid off. It is my Father who instilled a solid base for a booootiful trade, In Loving memory of a great Father(dad).