A Celebration of Marriage and Teamwork!

  • On 26th September 2018 ·
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A Celebration of Marriage and Teamwork!

A Celebration of Marriage and Teamwork!

William Henry Ambrick. My Dad, my mentor. I miss him everyday, but today I missed him so much more. For today I celebrated 30 years of a happy, amazing marriage to my Chris; the only other man who who I could give my heart to.

Whilst I was bursting with love and thanks, I was yearning to share this moment with Dad. In my heart I know he was there in spirit, sharing our joy and telling me it would soon be time to get back to work, and checking that I’d iced all the buns and piped all the éclairs!

The location? It couldn’t have been anywhere else but Blenheim. We’ve enjoyed many years of visiting the parklands and have wonderful memories there. Yes, there’s a palace in the grounds, and yes, it’s a stunning location, but the memories we share will always outshine the buildings for us. We just wanted a lovely, relaxed day with close family to celebrate the occasion.

My friend Jane had created some floral decorations which we took with us. It was lovely to have her there in her beautiful arrangments. We’d written vows for each other, and we had a beautiful ceremony which was followed by some very tasty canapes!

Our friend Sarah had offered to come along and capture the day, and to recreate a photo for us on the lawn that we’d had taken years before. It was to represent how Chris and I feel now – the same as all those years ago!