A Booootiful Journey

  • On 26th September 2018 ·
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A Booootiful Journey

A Booootiful Journey

I’d like to take you on a Booootiful Journey…

Stepping through the venue doors and into the beautiful décor; a hint of floral fragrance lingers in the air. I’m always in awe at the creativity involved in a wedding day. Finding a place to rest my precious cargo so that I can take in the design of the room; it’s like painting a blank canvas, and my imagination takes over knowing that in just a few hours this room will be filled with beautiful people all admiring their beautiful surroundings. I can hear the popping of the champagne cork and the laughter and cheers from all corners of the room as the happy couple make their entrance, just as I did, and I smile. As I make my exit, I stop and admire the stunning scene one last time, safe in the knowledge that it has all come together for the big day.





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