Here at Booootiful Cakes we create all our Cakes the very week of the Wedding and use only the finest Local produce from around West Yorkshire. The result are delicious and beautiful Cakes, all created fresh, with all free range and fair trade ingredients.All our Cakes are created in our Five Star rated, Food Standard Agency, kitchen and decorated, by hand to perfection. Our belief is that what’s on the inside of a cake should be as good as the out side.


The following are a selection of our popular flavourings, but we are happy to take requests if there’s something special you have in mind.

Coconut & Lime
Coconut cake with lime curd and vanilla butter cream / coconut butter cream.

Lemon Zest
Infused with lemon zest, lemon curd and butter cream.

A rich Belgian chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream, made with gauche or orange butter cream. For a twist try our chocolate Oreo butter cream.

Classic Vanilla
A light vanilla sponge with raspberry compote, filled with vanilla butter cream.

Carrot cake
This can have a combination of flavours, but our classic has coconut, walnut, orange, lemon and sultanas soaked in rum.

Gluten free
I do a mean gluten free cake – orange, chocolate, lemon or your classic vanilla, filled with goats-butter butter cream.

A delicate coffee cake with a lemon zest butter cream.

Soaked in lustred brandy. our rich fruit cake is covered in traditional white marzipan.

Red Velvet
This dense cake has fresh beetroot and Belgian chocolate, not too heavy on the vanilla butter cream.